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Play Montgomeryshire understands that the out-of-school hours can be very difficult for some families. Parents may struggle to find the money or ideas to keep their children entertained. We understand the value of free play for children and young people in their local community; also that this is not always possible. Open spaces have been built on, parents are worried their children may come to harm, and traffic incidents are always on the rise. By taking free play sessions into local communities we provide a splash of semi-structured activities to amuse the children, help them develop their skills and experiences, and enable them to socialise with others.


These play session are open to all, although children under 8 must be accompanied by someone over 16 who can ensure their security and safety. Those between 8 and 16 need a parent or carer to give permission to attend the scheme and to complete a basic registration form which includes emergency contact details.

We take our play to some of the most isolated rural locations in Montgomeryshire, and also to the most socially disadvantaged areas of the towns, where play activities have not already been organised by the local community. Places we have visited include Caersws, Churchstoke, Dolfor, Glantwymyn, Leighton, Llangurig, Llanwddyn, Maesydre, Montgomery, Trefeglwys, Tregynon and Trehafren. We would like to visit every place asking for us each year, but we need to rotate locations due to limited resources.


We usually run for two hours in the morning or afternoon, or occasionally after school for an hour. The activities we provide include arts and crafts, cooking, sports, games, dressing up, messy play, toys, face painting and much more.